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Offering variation of education suited to your personal development allowing you to become more confident behind the chair. Start your journey to success and overcome those bad habits and conquer the fears that are holding you back.

+  Creating good habits
+  Having a healthy body & mind
+  Conquering fears
+  Raising your standards
+  Perfecting your consultation process
+  Finding your brand identity 
+  Showcasing your work
+  Finding the perfect clients
+  Knowing your worth
+  Pricing yourself as a professional



Enjoy a tailored learning experience by observing new techniques, building hands-on experience and gaining industry knowledge. All in the comfort of your own salon!

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Enjoy this unique learning experience by observing new techniques and gaining industry knowledge. All whilst in Emily's gorgeous space in central Bath. 



Tia Lambourn

Bay Studios

I have recommended so many of my own friends and students to attend Emily Mander's classes as she has such a simple yet effective approach to colouring! she's fantastic and answers any questions you may have to the best of her ability. the techniques she teaches are so easy to incorporate into your daily salon life, worth every penny.

A salon called hare

Marie McGuinness

Emily Mander education is a must have for any salon owners that are wanting to upskill their team, learning how to create that lived in undone look that is high in demand from our clients, it's fun, creative, full of laughter and banter, covers how to get that right after pic to come across well on social media and how to achieve the best results out of consultation. It's a beachy hair masterclass! Emily pumps energy into the room and your team will be left feeling inspired and confident in their approach after her education. If you've thought about Emily coming to your salon don't hesitate to book we loved it!

The Space Dublin


I couldn't recommend Emily Mander and Sue Tyrells education workshop enough!! not only where the colour techniques and results so beautiful but I found them so adaptable to bring back to the salon. it was a all round great day, educational and fun, I loved it. thanks girls your true artists

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